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Business Card


by 123 Byme Digital Creations | Now is the time to throw away your  old business paper card and use your Digital Business Card to share with friends and business contacts without having to download an app. 

MULTIPLE designs available for your Digital Business Card

220+ Design Layouts to choose from. 

The VISITING CARD or VCARD are known as Digital business cards, Virtual Cards, Digital visiting cards or Electronic business cards.  We took it one step further and made it look like a mini website with an online store. 

This is an environmentally friendly & contact less way of sharing your contact information and making sure that someone has it in the future. You can create a digital business card on an iPhone, iPad, Android, or computer, and they’re often more affordable than their paper counterparts. 

Also called a mini website, the Digital Vcard from 123Card has no extra fees like hosting or costs like other web building platforms that can easily cost you R300 to R1000 per month.

Signing up for 123Card is 100% free.

Once you’ve created an account, you can start creating an interactive, engaging digital business card for a variety of purposes. You only have to activate it after 14 days of trial period. Best of all, unlike many other digital business card apps, your recipient doesn’t have to have 123Card installed to view your card. With our unique interface you can have your digital card ready in less than 5 minutes. Simply sign-up, set up your card and start sharing.

Do you want a special design for 10 or more people for your company?


  • Share cards with anyone Unlimited times
  • Update card Unlimited times
  • E-commerce Online WhatsApp Store
  • Profile Photo / Logo
  • Select design from available templates (220+)
  • Multiple Products or Services (20)
  • Franchise selling option
  • Custom domain connection
  • 10 Photos in Gallery
  • Social Media Links
  • 5 Videos in Youtube Video Gallery
  • 20 Products with images (Online Store)
  • Payment Section
  • Contact Form Included

Digital Card Features

We focus on quality, features and Design. is the only portal of its sort in South Africa, where you can create and manage your card at the same time.


Beautifully designed cards that’s adjusted to every smart phones resolution.



Your Contact details are fully secure and protected by best technology.



Share over SMS, Email, Whatsapp and get your own QR Code



All your contact information can be saved onto the phone’s contact list or Google Spreadsheet.



Your new contacts can easily recognize you and get back in touch at a tap of a button.



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One Business Card, Endless Possibilities

Create your own Digital Visiting Card

Subscription only R45 per month.

in Just 5 minutes

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We focus on quality, innovation and speed. is a premium digital Visiting Card Making Company.